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I have been providing clinical supervision to unlicensed clinicians for 10 years in order to support their clinical growth and collection of hours for licensure. My approach to supervision is using a Trauma-Informed lens, Attachment, and Critical Race Theory, in addition to the person-in-environment perspective. I have 14 years of experience in working with children and families who have experienced trauma, as well as in the school setting. I love mentoring and supervising clinicians as they are in their early path of their career and licensure. 

I have two full school-years experience in teaching as an adjunct professor at CSUDH in their Masters of Social Work program – teaching in the areas of Human Behavior, DSM V, General Practice, Group and Macro Practice, and Community Mental Health. Teaching has quickly become one of my passions as it is an opportunity to impact future clinicians in their growth and journey into the field of social work and mental health. 

I have 10 years experience in providing workshops and trainings in the community to various agencies. My areas of expertise include Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence, Trauma, How Trauma Impacts Children, Mental Health, and Trauma-Informed Care. 

Course, Talk & Workshop Topics

I specialize in the topics below. If you’d like to discuss a talk, course or workshop on these topics or something else, please reach out.


Effects of Domestic Violence Exposure on Children

Domestic Violence & Teen Dating Violence

Secondary Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue

Mindfulness Strategies


Wellness Strategies for Educators

Trauma Informed Care

 In the Fall of 2019 I had the pleasure of attending Professor Ramirez’s graduate-level Diagnostic Assessment in Social Work class at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

As an incoming macro social work student unfamiliar with the content, I attribute the bulk of my success and desire to choose a clinical social work career trajectory to her.

Professor Ramirez’s class was extremely fast-paced, however her teaching style was approachable, easy to understand, and supportive to the needs of nascent clinical social workers. Professor Ramirez’s in-depth knowledge and real-world experience enhanced candid class discussions, and her willingness to view clinical diagnosing through a social justice lens was greatly appreciated.

What I enjoyed most about Professor Ramirez’s class was her desire to critically analyze her approach to diagnosing and credit student approaches, which acknowledged the student’s clinical experience beyond core competencies, reducing class stress while maximizing class participation and critical understanding.

I believe Professor Ramirez’s teaching style and, overall, personality exhibits great care for her students, and her high level of empathy and willingness to participate in reciprocal learning is what makes her is a very valuable professor.

- Jonathan, student

Following a series of trials and tribulations in my life, I reached a boiling point that resulted in various emotional breaking points while undergoing a master’s program.

During this time I struggled with feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. I found myself closing off to everyone around me, Professor Debbie reached out to me noticing a change in my demeanor. Debbie empathetically offered an understanding ear, allowing me the ability to open up and express myself without feeling judged.

Using her critical race perspective not only strengthened my ability to empower every identity within myself in class, she also offered me a better understanding as to why I tend to shut down during difficult situations.

As a professor Debbie has a profound knowledge in her ability to instruct students in human behavior and the differentiating diagnoses within the field. She is able to extract such broad concepts and make them easily understandable to students supervising them along the way, allowing students the ability to relate to the subject matter. Through her support and guidance she has provided me with wisdom that I will carry with me throughout all future endeavors.

Debbie is amazing in her craft. She has the ability to reach individuals and extract the best that you have to offer, through her clear and direct style. She is a rarity in the field, inspiring hope to those around her and providing them with support and knowledge.

-Yoselin, student

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